Reflection point • Social media portrait(s)

The only social media platform that I use regularly is Facebook, where I have had an account since 2007. In that time, I have had 11 profile pictures which, between them, give a reasonable overview of who I am (or who I have been, which is approximately the same)

The set includes four with cameras and two sailing pictures, which is a good reflection of my hobby interests. Nothing with a saxophone (but then, I don’t practice enough). Only one is a self-portrait (black shirt, brick background) having been taken to illustrate my business website (old bricks connoting an understanding of buildings and construction). The image with the 5×4 camera was taken by my daughter when I had a portrait session with her as part of a ‘large format 52’ (book with one image per week) project in 2015.

My current Facebook profile picture is the ‘invisible man’, which is a detail of the image I presented for assignment 5 of C&N. Nothing (consciously) psychological about my invisibility – just a bit of fun.

My most recent formal profile picture (although used in a Rotary directory rather than on social media) is the self-portrait that I have used on the ‘About me’ page of this blog.


It is a decent, recent, likeness, showing me relaxed in the garden – reflecting the retired status that I am in the process of achieving. Nowadays, I describe myself to friends as a “long-haired layabout art student, 40 years later than most people do it”


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