Reflections on Project 1

Page 46 of the course notes quotes apparently contradictory philosophies. I am a documentary photographer, and if I take a good photograph in the process, that's a bonus. (Martin Parr) and I'm interested in good photographs, and if they document something, so much the better. (Tom Wood) and asks which approach most closely follows my... Continue Reading →


Study Visit – Winship and Lange at the Barbican

This is my second OCA study visit (see here for my first) and brought OCA tutor Jayne Taylor and 14 photography students (at all levels from starting EYV to working up a Level 3 body of work) to the Barbican Gallery on a sunny Saturday morning to view the Vanessa Winship and Dorothea Lange retrospectives... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.1 – Kathryn

This is the second portrait in the 'individual spaces' exercise. The sitter is my daughter, Kathryn and the location is her place of work. Kathryn has a History PhD and is an archeological curator with English Heritage based at Dover Castle. Here we see her at the workbenches in one of the stores, surrounded by... Continue Reading →

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