Harry Callahan

Harry Callahan (1912-1999) was an American photographer and teacher at the Institute of Design in Chicago. His major influences are said to be the photographic purism of Ansel Adams (following a lecture at his camera club) and the radical invention of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy (his director at the ID) (Cassidy). His work can be considered as... Continue Reading →

Landscapes in a landscape

This was an unexpected bonus exhibition/installation, seen en-route to the London Nights exhibition (to be reviewed). 'Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace' is a travelling exhibition currently installed in St James' Park, opposite Horseguards Parade, timely for the Armistice Day centenary.   This is an eight-year project by Irish photographer Michael St Maur Sheil, inspired... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.1 – Laine

This is the final portrait in the 'individual spaces' exercise. It is a semi-corporate portrait of my daughter-in-law, intended for website use. In addition to a head-shot and some still-lifes, Laine wanted an approachable office-environment image. Although working from home, her clients are large business concerns so the background had to look 'office-y' rather than... Continue Reading →

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