June Street

June Street in Ordsall, Salford was demolished as part of major redevelopment programme in 1975. In 1973, knowing the houses and the community were under threat, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr (then students at Manchester Polytechnic) contacted residents and photographed a (slightly formal) record of the community. June Street comprised small Victorian terraced houses, representative... Continue Reading →

Charlie and Bert

The Charlie and Bert of the title are not photographers but the subjects/collaborators of two photographers, Julian Germain and Kaylynn Deveney respectively. This posting looks at two superficially similar long-term projects in which the photographer has struck a friendship with an elderly single male subject and made a collaborative document of his life through routine... Continue Reading →

London Nights

London Nights was an exhibition at the Museum of London during autumn 2018. It is an exploration of the character of the city after dark, under artificial light, and the way in which people interact with it. The exhibition, like the catalogue (Sparham 2018) is organised in three sections, titled 'London Illuminated', 'Dark Matters' and... Continue Reading →

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