June Street

June Street in Ordsall, Salford was demolished as part of major redevelopment programme in 1975. In 1973, knowing the houses and the community were under threat, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr (then students at Manchester Polytechnic) contacted residents and photographed a (slightly formal) record of the community.

GB. England. 'June Street'. Collaboration with Daniel Meadows. 1973.
source: https://pro.magnumphotos.com/Catalogue/Martin-Parr/1972/GB-ENGLAND-June-Street-1972-NN162445.html

June Street comprised small Victorian terraced houses, representative of a ‘type’. Meadows and Parr selected this street, in particular, because it had been used for external location shots in Coronation Street before Granada TV built its studio set. There were a few outdoor or establishing shots such as the one above, but the majority show the residents of each house posed in their front rooms.

I view these indoor images as a typology; the constant factors allow us to better understand the differences. The front rooms were identical when built but each has acquired its own character with the variety of fireplaces (inter-war to late 60s), infill cupboards, wallpaper, carpets and furniture, which tell us of choices made by the contemporary residents and their predecessors. It is possible to pick out the individuals and the family groups from the group photo at the beginning of this post, and to read something of their characters and way of life.

The project has featured in contemporary and retrospective TV documentaries, as described by Meadows in a Vimeo video.

Images from the project may be viewed online at the Hyman Collection and Magnum websites. Some images are included in the Martin Parr: Return to Manchester exhibition currently at Manchester Art Gallery.


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Magnum Photos (2014) GB. ENGLAND. June Street. 1972. [online] Available at https://pro.magnumphotos.com/Catalogue/Martin-Parr/1972/GB-ENGLAND-June-Street-1972-NN162445.html [Accessed 11 December 2018].

Manchester Art Gallery (2018) Martin Parr: Return to Manchester | Manchester Art Gallery [online] Available at http://manchesterartgallery.org/exhibitions-and-events/exhibition/martin-parr [Accessed 11 December 2018].

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