Don McCullin at Tate Britain

This is an exhibition that I could review in one word: Wow! However, the demands of a learning blog means that a bit more detail is required. This is a very intense exhibition; there are 'content advisory' warnings at the ticket desk and at the entrance to the exhibition space and I still have PTSD... Continue Reading →


Assignment 2 – Lighting trials and first results

Having explored the concept and made a few decisions about Assignment 2, it is now possible to formally state what I am doing. My object is to assemble a lightweight, portable and simple 'studio' that can be taken on location to make portraits. For tutor feedback, my initial images are likely to be in friends'... Continue Reading →

Don McCullin on equipment

The photographic equipment I take on an assignment is my head and my eyes and my heart. I could take the poorest equipment and I would still take the same photographs. They might not be as sharp, but they would certainly say the same thing. (Wall notes at Tate Britain retrospective, 2019)

Markéta Luskačová at the Tate

Markéta Luskačová is a  Czech-born documentary photographer who moved to Britain after the hardening of communist rule following suppression of the 'Prague Spring' (Tate Britain wall notes). She currently has an exhibition in one of the galleries of Tate Britain. I took the opportunity to visit after viewing the McCullin retrospective. I have re-photographed some... Continue Reading →

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