Martin Parr at the NPG – laying it on with a scalpel?

'Only Human', currently at the National Portrait Gallery is a late-career retrospective of Martin Parr's work, picking up (according to Prodger 2019) from where Val Williams 2002 volume left off. Being at the NPG, it concentrates on 'people pictures' (although by no means exclusively portraits) and explores the concept of 'Britishness'. I suspect that regular... Continue Reading →


Assignment 3 – Bowls Club work party

I made my first real contact with the bowls club when there was a pre-season work party planned. Very few members turned up, which gave me the opportunity to get to know the club in easy instalments. I assisted (actually, I pretty much directed) the two members repairing some woodwork around the green. There were... Continue Reading →

Roger Fenton – Shadows of War

Roger Fenton was a founder member and the first Honorary Secretary of what would become the Royal Photographic Society. The previous RPS HQ building in Bath was named after him. The current exhibition in the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace shows Fenton's pictures from the Crimean Way, taken during 1855 - mostly original prints made... Continue Reading →

Laura Fisher – Broken

One broken ceramic doll face can be a beautiful exercise in light, shade and form. Sixteen of them, exhibited in a mental health facility, become rather more - a metaphor for the fragility of personality and identity in mental illness. Laura Fisher is a Medway-based artist and photographer, working mainly in monochrome documentary and a... Continue Reading →

Assignment 2 – a fun session

Although I have made a submission for tutor feedback, I am continuing with this project in the expectation of producing some better images for rework and assessment. This posting follows a session with Clive, my saxophone tutor, his family and Mark, a fellow student. It is the first time that I have worked with a... Continue Reading →

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