On reading Flusser (at the third attempt)

My tutor, Keith, had recommended Vilém Flusser's Towards a philosophy of photography  (Flusser 2000) to me, and this is my third attempt (and the first successful one) at reading it. The book is heavy going; I do not claim to understand the majority of it, and I am not entirely convinced that it has meaning.... Continue Reading →

Notes on ‘The Gaze’ – Daniel Chandler

Dr. Daniel Chandler is a semiotician and emeritus faculty member in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University. He occupies an odd corner of the WWW in a domain (visual-memory.co.uk) otherwise devoted to the life and films of Stanley Kubrick, but not hyperlinked from that site. Notes on 'The Gaze' is... Continue Reading →

Train Your Gaze

The headline title of this book, 'Train Your Gaze' is a misnomer; there is very little here that relates to the type of 'gaze' described in the I&P course notes (pp 67-70), and Angier disposes of it in the first two chapters. The more useful part of the title is the subhead, 'A practical and... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.3

Write a reflection in your learning log about some of the ways in which marginalised or under-represented people or groups could be badly or unhelpfully portrayed. It is easy to assume that a 'marginalised or under-represented group' would be a minority but it is not necessarily so, as noted below. There may also be an... Continue Reading →

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