Buildings, architecture and ‘home’

Photography has a long association with buildings and the built environment. Buildings remain still during a long exposure, in a way that people and wildlife don't, and are more convenient to find and set up an early camera in front of than a landscape. It is therefore no surprise that the world's earliest photograph, Niepce's... Continue Reading →

Tony Ray-Jones

I visited Bristol to view 'The English Seen' exhibition of Tony Ray-Jones, at and curated by the Martin Parr Foundation. The exhibition was in its last few days, and I arrived shortly before opening time so I serendipitously also got a sneak preview of images for a forthcoming exhibition of Hans Eijkelboom's 'People of the... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – ‘rough cut’ editing

I have to reduce a long-list of 164 images to 'not more than 15'. This post describes the first stage of serious editing (the 'rough-cut' in film parlance). First, I arranged the images in a rough typology, setting up folders for (inter alia) 'pylons', 'fences', 'distant views', 'midground views' etc. This is not a perfect... Continue Reading →

Road trips (and a reflection point)

The 'road trip' seems to be a staple of American popular culture, represented in literature by classics such as 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' and 'On The Road', and on film by 'Easy Rider' and 'Thelma and Louise'. It has also been a theme in documentary photography. If there is a difference between a road-trip... Continue Reading →

Assignment 4 – Tutor feedback and response

I have now had formative feedback from my tutor, Keith. Full MS Word document here. Edited version marked-up with my response, below. Keith’s comments are set in blue, mine in black. Overall Comments The submission included a set of eight prints, which were mailed over through the post, including a text, which contextualizes the work and... Continue Reading →

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