Note for Assessors

This is my final posting before ‘freezing’ this learning blog ready for the March 2020 assessment event. Physical evidence of my responses to assignments (images and hard-copy notes) will be delivered to OCA and shared to the assessment Google Drive.

The purpose of this blog is to share my overall journey through the Identity and Place course, including coursework exercises, reading and self-directed research. I hope that the menu structure is self-explanatory. All work (preparatory and submitted) on assignments can be found under the ‘Assignments’ tab and appropriate sub-headings. Similarly with coursework and general readings following the structure of the course notes, which will be found under the ‘Coursework’ tab. Specific comments about books, exhibitions and individual photographers will be found under ‘Research and Reflection’, while ‘Soddments’ contains a few postings that do not fit neatly elsewhere.

Finally, for those wishing to follow my further progress through the BA Photography degree course, my next learning blog (Photography 2, Landscape) will be found at

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