Assignment 3 – first home match

Clare Park is a small club with memories of better times. They no longer play in the local leagues and all matches in this year's programme are friendlies against local clubs. The first home match was with Grosvenor, a club based in Tunbridge Wells. With the match starting at 2:30, I arrived at 2:00, hoping... Continue Reading →


Assignment 3 – A ‘roll-up’

The bowling season has started. The club hold informal 'roll-ups' on two afternoons and one evening per week. I attended my first one yesterday. I want to integrate myself with the club, rather than be a fly-on-the-wall observer or voyeur, so I played my first game with real bowlers. I did tolerably well for a... Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 – Bowls Club work party

I made my first real contact with the bowls club when there was a pre-season work party planned. Very few members turned up, which gave me the opportunity to get to know the club in easy instalments. I assisted (actually, I pretty much directed) the two members repairing some woodwork around the green. There were... Continue Reading →

Assignment 3 – first thoughts

Once again, a 'naive thoughts' posting, before working through Part 3 and its exercises. I have three existing 'communities' that could form the basis of a "Mirrors" exercise: my sailing club, my photographic club and my Rotary club. I have done photography of or with all three and find that I am being increasingly asked... Continue Reading →

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