The non-familiar -Tutor feedback and response

I have now had formative feedback from my tutor, Keith. Full document here. Edited version marked-up with my response, below. Keith's comments are set in blue, mine in black. Overall Comments I enjoyed looking through this submission, which I thought was a positive start to exploring this module. It should also offer the opportunity for further... Continue Reading →

The non-familiar – submission and reflection.

In the end, this was a project that came to me, rather than having to go and look for it. I was asked to act as 'official photographer' for a 3-day charity cycling event, which meant that I would be in contact with with, and building a form of relationship with a new group of... Continue Reading →

The non-familiar: first thoughts

I will start blogging about each assignment with a 'naive' posting, giving first thoughts before starting to work through the relevant part of the coursework. Apart from giving my brain a jump-start, these postings are always interesting to refer back to once an assignment project is completed or well advanced - it is an indication... Continue Reading →

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