Reflection point • Social media portrait(s)

The only social media platform that I use regularly is Facebook, where I have had an account since 2007. In that time, I have had 11 profile pictures which, between them, give a reasonable overview of who I am (or who I have been, which is approximately the same) The set includes four with cameras... Continue Reading →


Place is more difficult to define, because there are so many meanings (my COED, 5th edition, gives 13 sets of meanings for the noun and 7 for the verb) from which we have to select those that are relevant to the present discourse. These are my selections: From COED: 'Particular part of space; part of... Continue Reading →


It is always nice to get an understanding of our basic terms before starting a new course. Identity is one that seems to have had some subtle shifts over the years. According to my COED (5th edition, 1964 vintage) the meaning is 'Absolute sameness; individuality, personality' as well as some mathematical meanings which are not... Continue Reading →

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