Exercise 5.1 – Traces of (Still) Life

Create a set of still-life pictures showing traces of life without using people  I will deal with this brief in the best Blue Peter tradition, "Here's one I made earlier". For earlier postings in this blog, I have produced still-lifes in both of my categories, 'found' and 'constructed' which deal with traces of life in... Continue Reading →

Still Lifes

Still-life, as a genre in European art, appears to have medieval roots and came to prominence in Netherlandish paintings of the 16th and 17th century (Wikipedia). Its principal purpose appears to be an opportunity for the artist to hone and demonstrate his skills. To the client/patron it is an opportunity to display wealth, possessions or... Continue Reading →

Research point 1

Read Chapter 4 ‘Something and Nothing’ in Cotton, C. (2014) The Photograph as Contemporary Art (3rd edition) London: Thames & Hudson. To what extent do you think the strategy of using objects or environments as metaphor is a useful tool in photography? When might it fall down?  This book was on the required reading list... Continue Reading →

In absentia – three photographers

Sarah Pickering I encountered Sarah Pickering's 'Public Order' series during C&N and wrote a blog posting at that time (Bedford, 2017). On her website, Pickering describes herself as a 'visual artist who works with photography and whose work deals with themes of falsity and deception ... Central to her work is an intense and repeated... Continue Reading →

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