Very Miscellaneous

'Very Miscellaneous', a 1996 project by Joachim Schmid is a further example of the juxtaposition of image and text, demonstrating how the one can alter our perception of the other. In what Schmid describes as "A possible history of country life in Sussex", he works with found images - in this case, deadpan portrait photographs... Continue Reading →

Fictional text or fictional image?

Project 3 deals with the use of images and text to sustain a fictional narrative. An obvious example, but perhaps considered too lowbrow for a visual arts degree course, are fumetti or photocomic strips such as those which appeared in comics (Eagle, Jackie etc.) in the 1970s and 1980s and are occasionally parodied in Viz.... Continue Reading →

Name that tune (Exercise 4.5)

Find words that have been written or spoken by someone else. Select your five favourite examples and create five images that do justice to the essence of those words.  For this exercise, in parallel with my thoughts about using album tracks as the basis for assignment 4, I have mined the lyrics of a well-known... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.3 – Storyboard

I was running short on inspiration for creating a story from scratch, so I have mined my assignment 3 archive and put together something from my bowls club images. The afternoon bowling roll-up is an amalgam of three afternoon shoots. Aiming for 10 frames was an interesting exercise and involved a bit of artistic licence... Continue Reading →

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