Very Miscellaneous

'Very Miscellaneous', a 1996 project by Joachim Schmid is a further example of the juxtaposition of image and text, demonstrating how the one can alter our perception of the other. In what Schmid describes as "A possible history of country life in Sussex", he works with found images - in this case, deadpan portrait photographs... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.4 – bending the meaning with text

This is essentially the same as an exercise previously undertaken in C&N. The images used in this exercise are taken from the Times, the Guardian and the Daily Mail, all dated 19 October 2019. The major news story of the day is (once again) Brexit, being the day after the EU summit, and the day... Continue Reading →

Exercise 4.3 – Storyboard

I was running short on inspiration for creating a story from scratch, so I have mined my assignment 3 archive and put together something from my bowls club images. The afternoon bowling roll-up is an amalgam of three afternoon shoots. Aiming for 10 frames was an interesting exercise and involved a bit of artistic licence... Continue Reading →

Image and text (without the text)

In an exercise similar to making a portrait without the subject in frame, it is possible to use a textless image to present a message in a similar way to a captioned image. The examples that spring to mind are two cigarette advertising campaigns from the late 1970s and 1980s. The driving force was a... Continue Reading →

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