Exercise 1.3 • Portraiture Typology

One of the jobs I had in my Rotary club (until this year when GDPR made it problematic) was to produce the annual members directory, which includes a head-and-shoulders mugshot of each member. Since 2007, I have photographed and produced most of the mugshots myself. Some members want to keep the same image year-on-year (I... Continue Reading →

Human Typologies

Project 2 (Typologies) in the OCA course notes starts with a quotation from Roland Barthes, but I have taken an opposite meaning from that which the course compilers assume. The quotation is from an essay (The Blue Guide) in Barthes' Mythologies (Barthes 1972, pp74-77) in which Barthes is criticising a set of travel guides (Hachette's... Continue Reading →


Until now, my working definition of 'typology' has been 'what the Bechers did'. It seems that I have reached the stage where something a bit more rigorous is needed. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (online at https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/typology) : (noun) A classification according to general type, especially in archaeology, psychology, or the social sciences. (mass noun) Study... Continue Reading →

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