Exercise 3.3

Write a reflection in your learning log about some of the ways in which marginalised or under-represented people or groups could be badly or unhelpfully portrayed. It is easy to assume that a 'marginalised or under-represented group' would be a minority but it is not necessarily so, as noted below. There may also be an... Continue Reading →

Exercise 3.2 – what makes me unique?

O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! Robert Burns 'To a Louse' 1786 This is an exercise I have been procrastinating about for some time. Indeed, I stopped typing after that sentence and went to look at how some of my coursemates have tackled it. Having done... Continue Reading →

Mirrors of society and culture

In a previous posting, I stretched Szarkowski's metaphor of mirrors and windows to breaking point. A mirror held at an angle will show an image of the outside world (with a mirror-observer present but not visible) and, if used in combination, may give a kaleidoscope-enhanced view. In the same way, a photograph that is an... Continue Reading →

Mirrors of the Self

At its most literal, the use of photography as a mirror of the self would mean to shoot a self-portrait in a mirror. There are many examples available (and probably most photographers have done it). My favourite is Astrid Kircherr's 1960 image, seen at the right. The TLR camera, clothing, direct gaze, and the use... Continue Reading →

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