Nick Turpin’s Night Bus – Identities in transit and in transition

I had not intended to return to the topic of 'the unaware' and covert photography, but I have recently encountered Nick Turpin's series, 'Through a Glass Darkly', which has been published in book form as 'On the Night Bus' (Turpin 2106). Shot as a project over two winters, this is a series of images of passengers... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Project 1

Page 46 of the course notes quotes apparently contradictory philosophies. I am a documentary photographer, and if I take a good photograph in the process, that's a bonus. (Martin Parr) and I'm interested in good photographs, and if they document something, so much the better. (Tom Wood) and asks which approach most closely follows my... Continue Reading →

Unaware – ‘Heads’ and ‘Transit’

Philip-Lorca diCorcia's 'Heads' (2001) Philip-Lorca di Corcia's student years coincided with a period of conceptual art in the 1970s (Devens 2011) so it is not surprising that 'Heads' is a conceptual art piece, in that the underlying idea is more important than the execution. diCorcia set up a powerful strobe on a scaffold in Times... Continue Reading →

Subway riders – asleep or unaware

A train passenger has little to do except sit and be transported, checking progress occasionally to ensure he does not miss his stop. Social conventions discourage taking too much notice of fellow passengers, so the options are to concentrate on a distraction (book or newspaper), to 'switch off' avoiding eye contact (or any other kind... Continue Reading →

Exercise 2.2 – Covert

The brief is to produce five portraits of subjects who are unaware they are being photographed. This has been the most difficult project so far, not because of photographic technical issues (which are straightforward) but my personal reactions. This is a voyeuristic exercise, having much in common with stalking. There is an element of deception... Continue Reading →

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