Note for Assessors

This is my final posting before 'freezing' this learning blog ready for the March 2020 assessment event. Physical evidence of my responses to assignments (images and hard-copy notes) will be delivered to OCA and shared to the assessment Google Drive. The purpose of this blog is to share my overall journey through the Identity and... Continue Reading →

Image and text – accidental juxtaposition

Image and text can come together as a result of accidental juxtaposition, rather than through the intention of an author. The examples that I come across almost daily are in the Times (and probably in other newspapers as well), which breaks up its pages with photographs and extended captions, not related to the surrounding text... Continue Reading →

Image and text (without the text)

In an exercise similar to making a portrait without the subject in frame, it is possible to use a textless image to present a message in a similar way to a captioned image. The examples that spring to mind are two cigarette advertising campaigns from the late 1970s and 1980s. The driving force was a... Continue Reading →

Don McCullin on equipment

The photographic equipment I take on an assignment is my head and my eyes and my heart. I could take the poorest equipment and I would still take the same photographs. They might not be as sharp, but they would certainly say the same thing. (Wall notes at Tate Britain retrospective, 2019)


Place is more difficult to define, because there are so many meanings (my COED, 5th edition, gives 13 sets of meanings for the noun and 7 for the verb) from which we have to select those that are relevant to the present discourse. These are my selections: From COED: 'Particular part of space; part of... Continue Reading →


It is always nice to get an understanding of our basic terms before starting a new course. Identity is one that seems to have had some subtle shifts over the years. According to my COED (5th edition, 1964 vintage) the meaning is 'Absolute sameness; individuality, personality' as well as some mathematical meanings which are not... Continue Reading →

About me

With the start of a new course comes a new blog and the sensation of staring once more at the electronic equivalent of a blank sheet of paper. Once again, the first post will be a brief introduction. I am a 62 year old building surveyor in the process of a phased retirement, which should... Continue Reading →

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