Exercise 3.1 – Windows, mirrors or something in between

At a time when the news media are full of gender politics, Brexit et al, I find that I am becoming increasingly sceptical about binary choices. That goes equally for John Szarkowski's division of photographic images into 'mirrors' and 'windows'. The metaphor is useful; framing it as a binary choice is not. To take the... Continue Reading →


Charlie and Bert

The Charlie and Bert of the title are not photographers but the subjects/collaborators of two photographers, Julian Germain and Kaylynn Deveney respectively. This posting looks at two superficially similar long-term projects in which the photographer has struck a friendship with an elderly single male subject and made a collaborative document of his life through routine... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1.4 – from the family archive

It is slightly bizarre being thought of as somebody's 'imaginary friend', but that is what once happened to me and is the starting point for this particular collection from the family archive. I met David Pollard when we were children; our fathers worked together and lived some 50 miles apart, but there would be family... Continue Reading →

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