Charlie and Bert

The Charlie and Bert of the title are not photographers but the subjects/collaborators of two photographers, Julian Germain and Kaylynn Deveney respectively. This posting looks at two superficially similar long-term projects in which the photographer has struck a friendship with an elderly single male subject and made a collaborative document of his life through routine... Continue Reading →


Exercise 1.2 • Background as context (portrait)

This is a portrait of my wife, Jan in our back garden. Jan is a keen gardener; indeed, she does most of the work in the garden (except for 'heavy lifting'). Therefore, I wanted to use the garden as the background because it tells the viewer about an important part of her life. We did... Continue Reading →

The non-familiar: first thoughts

I will start blogging about each assignment with a 'naive' posting, giving first thoughts before starting to work through the relevant part of the coursework. Apart from giving my brain a jump-start, these postings are always interesting to refer back to once an assignment project is completed or well advanced - it is an indication... Continue Reading →


It is always nice to get an understanding of our basic terms before starting a new course. Identity is one that seems to have had some subtle shifts over the years. According to my COED (5th edition, 1964 vintage) the meaning is 'Absolute sameness; individuality, personality' as well as some mathematical meanings which are not... Continue Reading →

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