Martin Parr at the NPG – laying it on with a scalpel?

'Only Human', currently at the National Portrait Gallery is a late-career retrospective of Martin Parr's work, picking up (according to Prodger 2019) from where Val Williams 2002 volume left off. Being at the NPG, it concentrates on 'people pictures' (although by no means exclusively portraits) and explores the concept of 'Britishness'. I suspect that regular... Continue Reading →


June Street

June Street in Ordsall, Salford was demolished as part of major redevelopment programme in 1975. In 1973, knowing the houses and the community were under threat, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr (then students at Manchester Polytechnic) contacted residents and photographed a (slightly formal) record of the community. June Street comprised small Victorian terraced houses, representative... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Project 1

Page 46 of the course notes quotes apparently contradictory philosophies. I am a documentary photographer, and if I take a good photograph in the process, that's a bonus. (Martin Parr) and I'm interested in good photographs, and if they document something, so much the better. (Tom Wood) and asks which approach most closely follows my... Continue Reading →

Subway riders – asleep or unaware

A train passenger has little to do except sit and be transported, checking progress occasionally to ensure he does not miss his stop. Social conventions discourage taking too much notice of fellow passengers, so the options are to concentrate on a distraction (book or newspaper), to 'switch off' avoiding eye contact (or any other kind... Continue Reading →

The Great British Seaside

I visited the Great British Seaside exhibition currently on (until 30 September) at the National Maritime Museum expecting a bit of froth and a fun day out. It did not disappoint on that score, but was also surprisingly relevant to the idea of 'Identity and Place. However, it tells of both an identity and a... Continue Reading →

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