London Nights

London Nights was an exhibition at the Museum of London during autumn 2018. It is an exploration of the character of the city after dark, under artificial light, and the way in which people interact with it. The exhibition, like the catalogue (Sparham 2018) is organised in three sections, titled 'London Illuminated', 'Dark Matters' and... Continue Reading →


The Great British Seaside

I visited the Great British Seaside exhibition currently on (until 30 September) at the National Maritime Museum expecting a bit of froth and a fun day out. It did not disappoint on that score, but was also surprisingly relevant to the idea of 'Identity and Place. However, it tells of both an identity and a... Continue Reading →


Place is more difficult to define, because there are so many meanings (my COED, 5th edition, gives 13 sets of meanings for the noun and 7 for the verb) from which we have to select those that are relevant to the present discourse. These are my selections: From COED: 'Particular part of space; part of... Continue Reading →

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